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Trench Heating Radiators

Modern Trench Radiators are a mainstream central heating based infloor radiator system.

With Trench Heater Canal Grilles of Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Various wood types we at have a stylish selection which will exceed your expectations.

We are the Number One Independent supplier of Jaga Trench Heating, Jaga Radiators have established themselves as the number one central heating based radiator designers and manufacturers based on their innovation in radiator technology and utilisation of cutting edge trench Heater materials and construction techniques.

All of our Trench Heaters are built to order and delivered direct from Jaga the manufacturer to ensure you receive your Trench Heater arrives in premium condition and as communicated.

Jaga Mini Canal Trench Heater Radiator

The Mini Canal Trench Radiator from Jaga is available in Standard Hydronic Radiator and Jaga DBE Fan Assist Trench Heater Forms.

Among Trench Heating Manufacturers Jaga are considered the Premium trench heating system providers. For Perimeter Heating, Fan assisted trench heaters and domestic trench heating, jaga trench heating prices are amongst the best value and quality for money.

Jaga Micro Canal Trench Heater Radiator

The Micro Canal Trench Radiator is a Premium Grade Trench Heater with fan assist BTU boosting Jaga DBE Technology.

You can Buy the Jaga MIni Canal and Jaga Micro Canal Trench Heaters at at Great Prices!

Jaga Trench Heaters and Jaga Trench Heating Radiators Explained

Sometimes it is aesthetically beneficial to have a heating system which is discrete, sometimes having a wall mounted radiator is not an option, in floor mounted Trench heating radiators are the ideal solution, space below floor level is wasted space you can utilise for heating, saving valuable living space elsewhere.  Trench Heaters are generally utilised for three different heating needs - Targetted Trench Radiator Heating where an area of a room requires additional heat or is a higher heat loss zone such as glazed areas or door areas you can use standard trench heaters for this purpose. Whole room Trench heating replaces all wall mounted radiator units with trench radiators, these generally utilise fan assist as this increases the rate of heat exchange however standard hydronic trench heaters can be utilised. The third room heating use of perimeter or trench heating is supplementary or boost heating whereby the trench heating radiator works alongside wall mounted radiators or underfloor heating to provide an increased output or more responsive home heating system.

Jaga Trench Heaters UK are the premium brand of Trench Heaters, these trench Radiators are known for build and material quality, trench radiator reliability, radiator efficiency and heating responsiveness, copper and aluminium heat exchangers form the basis for Jaga perimeter heating and advanced casings and design make Jaga Trench heaters the Number one Trench Heating brand.

Jaga mini Canal radiators and Jaga Micro canal radiators are perimeter heating models you can rely on. Buy from Jaga the number one trench heating Manufacturer.

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