Jaga Mini Canal Trench Heater DBE - 26cm-Wide

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Jaga Mini Canal Trench Heater DBE - 26cm-Wide
Jaga Mini Canal Trench Heater DBE - 26cm-WideJaga Mini Canal Trench Heater DBE - 26cm-WideJaga Mini Canal Trench Heater DBE - 26cm-WideJaga Mini Canal Trench Heater DBE - 26cm-Wide
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Heat Output:  542 Watts / 1849 BTU
Brand:  Jaga
Width:  260 mm
Type:  Fan Assist (Hydronic/WaterFed/Elec Fan)
Delivery:  5 Weeks Managed by Jaga Direct

At 26cm this fan assisted trench heater radiator from Jaga provides a strong radiator heating output while remaining discrete.

Mini Trench Heater Radiator & Fan

Trench Heating Radiators have become the mainstream central heating based in-floor radiator models. With the latest designs of Mini Trench Heater Radiator & Fan, we at TrenchHeater.co.uk have a wide selection to cater for your heating needs in style and surpass your expectations.

TrenchHeater.co.uk is the leading independent supplier of Mini Trench Heater Radiator & Fan from Jaga Radiators. For us, nothing stands on the way to guaranteeing you speedy delivery and professional support. It is not simply another business transaction, but an inherent drive to be part of your journey to getting the best heating system with Jaga Mini Trench Heater Radiator & Fan. Therefore, how does it work?

Mini Trench Heater Radiator & Fan: A System Designed for Perfection

If you want to get the best heating system; simply go for the best heaters. This is the philosophy that Jaga Radiators use to get the best heaters when designing heating systems including Mini Trench Heater Radiator & Fan.

  • The Mini Trench Heater Radiator & Fan from Jaga Radiator is available in two models: the Jaga DBE Trench Heater and Standard Hydronic Radiator forms. The two models represent the epitome of the Mini Trench Heating systems because of their efficiency.
  • The Mini Trench Heater Radiator & Fan by Jaga uses an element designed with copper and aluminum for heat exchange. The materials increase the rate of heat exchange in the radiator’s element.
  • To further increase the efficiency of heat exchange between the hot water and the passing air current, the Mini Trench Heater also uses a fan. This means that more air is pushed through the hot element and circulated to heat your space. The fan also helps to promote even heat distribution in your room.
  • For most people, standard radiators installed on the wall are a disruption, especially to their aesthetics. But the Mini Trench Heater is installed on the floor to ensure there is minimum disruption. Indeed, the diverse grille options and colours mean that you can easily match the house decor or enhance it. The Mini Trench Heater Radiator from Jaga is a great way to get the best in both aesthetics and heating.
  • The fan boost system and heating element materials used in the Mini Trench Heater Radiator & Fan are crucial to increasing energy efficiency. The system can help you to cut energy-related cost by up to 16% compared to the traditional radiators.
  • For most people, the best heating system should be compatible with standard building management systems. This is where the Mini Trench Heater Radiator & Fan outdo its competitors in the market. The radiator is engineered to easily work with multiple sensors in your room and boiler to sense the changes in ambient temperatures. Besides, the radiator system is also compatible with most building management systems so that you can easily monitor and control the temperature of your room.
  • When Jaga Radiators engineers started researching on the Mini Trench Heater Radiators, they also wanted to provide clients with durable heating solutions. They did not disappoint. The Mini Trench Heater is a durable model that will keep heating your system over a long time. You simply need to have the radiator installed properly by a professional.

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To get the best from Mini Trench Heater Radiator & Fan, make sure to place your order at Trenchheater.co.uk. They will ship your order directly from Jaga Radiators to guarantee faster and safe delivery. Besides, you will also get top-notch technical support.

You can never go wrong on efficiency, style, and value for money when you order Mini Trench Heater Radiator & Fan from Trenchheater.co.uk. 


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