Trench Heaters with Fans

Trench Heating Radiators with BTU Boosting Fan Assist

Adding a fan to any radiator system increases the airflow across the radiator core, this allows vastly improved heat exchange. in real terms BTU output from the same size radiator will significantly increase. This heat output increase is perfect for heating solutions where radiator location space is minimal due to design or other aesthetic or functional reasons.

At we sell two great trench heaters from Jaga with Jaga's DBE (Dynamic Boost Effect) Technology.

The Jaga Mini Canal DBE and Jaga Micro Canal DBE Trench Radiators are the perfect solution for commercial and domestic trench heating.

Key Trench Heater with Fan Features

  • Significant BTU output for same size unit
  • Jaga LOW H20 High Efficiency design
  • Multiple Grille options - Material, Colour.
  • Aluminium and Copper Heat Exchanger with Leading Warranty
  • Trench Heaters built to order to ensure quality
  • Delivered direct from manufacturer to ensure pristine condition